Poems to express what I have felt

The Darkness Calls Me

I feel alive at night
I am free when I am alone
I long for more than what I can see
The darkness is always inside me.
Without it I am nothing.
I know that it is not good to be alone
But when I am with others, I feel like a fake
The darkness calls me.

All Alone Again

I have many things to be thankful for
But life has taken a turn
I don't know how to deal
I know time heals all wounds
But I was cast back to that dark place
I was so afraid to go back
I'm not sure what to do now
I miss you every day
And that feeling never goes away
It feels like the pain is a part of me now
I think about how you gave your life for yours
All I want to say is thank you and I miss you so much every day
Everything will be okay, but in the meantime keep a smile on your face

Stolen #1

I stole an angel from the sky
She was confused about why or how it happened
but I slowly convinced her it was best
She showed me why she was an angel
She revealed why she was the greatest among them
She showed me why she was the one to be stolen
I told her she would not return and it made her sad
She wept and my heart broke but I could not let her go
I loved her so much that I stole her away from everyone else
I showed her that I was a liar but she did not believe me
She kept trusting me and kept giving me chances to be hers alone
She never stopped believing in me even when my lies were undeniable.
Now, I look at her sleeping, breathing so deeply and peacefully
and I know: I am the worst man alive for stealing an angel from the sky.

Stolen #2

She showed me things I had only dreamt of.
And I chose to love her because of that,
She chose to love me for reasons unknown,
But I shall continue on, even though I don't deserve her but she chose me
So we shall fly in the sky until we can't fly anymore
And I shall earn my place beside her,
My shine shall be equal to hers
Until we outshine the sun...

To My Queen

Be my queen,
With all the elegance, grace, and confidence inside you,
Control the world and instill fear in the hearts of all who challenge you
Comfort those that need it, be an extension of me
You are the hand that guides our kingdom, your word is my command
We will conquer this world together, and in the process we’ll find ourselves
You speak for me when I am unable to. You understand me without question.
I am your king, but you are my queen. We rule together as one

Words Unspoken #1

The words that remain unspoken between us I don't know if I can stand it any longer.
I yearn to hear those, to feel what they mean, to bask in their glow.
But I am afraid, afraid that the same life they can build they can also destroy.
With those words, I feel a love that has me pinned in my tracks.
I am not free to walk away from you, but I am not free to walk toward you either.
You are the apple of my eye and I want nothing more than to taste your sweet flesh.
But what if my teeth break your skin? What if they spill your crimson blood?
What if they never let you go? What if they grow roots into you like a tree with its prey?
The words between us remain unspoken, yet their songs play on an endless loop in my head.
The words I want to say, the words I should say, the words that must be said.

Words Unspoken #2

What am I to do?
The way they cut away my shackles and free me is the same way they cut upon my flesh and destroy me.
These words dominate my thoughts and build upon you a golden glow.
But my expression of these words is inadequate
for what I want and need to say.
I had hoped in you a deeper meaning and purpose of my life.
Now the despair rises from sleep, before waking,
and casts its spell upon me, reminding me—
I have yet to speak my true thoughts aloud.

Out of Spite

You inspire me,
You make me want to express myself,
You make me want to exceed all expectations of me,
You make me want to surpass all goals I've set for myself,
I can take on the world with you beside me
You make me want to give up the things that hold me back
You make me want to be all I can be,
I can conquer anything with you at my side,
You make me want to love myself
Love myself for who I am
Love you for who you are
Love us for what we are
What we're together brings out the best in us,
The worse in us,
We do nothing mediocre, and everything incredible.


These thoughts and feelings are the only things I have to express myself,
They are like a rapidly closing window into my soul, and once it's closed they are hidden even from my view.
I must express myself less I go crazy, eaten from inside
And no one will understand my suffering, it is too alien to them. I must be alone
The idea of being alone terrifies me more than death, for in death there are still memories of being alive and happy.
I stare out at the great expanse of stars that light up my view and make me feel insignificant in their magnitude.
I am nothing in the grand scheme of things, I am just a speck of dust floating through space.
I'm suffocating, my thoughts are all I have left and they're slowly being replaced by an empty void.
The thought of forgetting myself is terrifying, but it's happening so quickly now that I don't know how to stop it.
My mind is racing from one idea to another and back again and I can't slow it down.
Here I am, writing this poem about myself talking about myself talking about myself.
This is what happens; insanity sets in like a murmur.
I must end this poem before the thoughts in my mind need a proper ending.

Our Souls

The comfort in your eyes.
I see the depths of your soul.
I understand everything.
I find my greatest comfort when I have lost myself in your soul,
and you in mine.

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